Safety Rails; Which Materials Are Best?

There are artisans building safety rails out of wood. But there may be those wondering whether wood safety railing danbury ct work is sufficient to provide enough safety for public (and private) spaces, and whether more non-enforceable materials like stainless steel and heavy metal would not be better. Indeed, logic may tell you that metal is a lot stronger than wood, so surely it offers you potentially more safety guarantees.

But in hindsight or retrospect, the converse effect is achieved. Metal and similar non-enforceable materials that have been structured, fabricated and or configured into some kind of a safety net turns out to be potentially more harmful. For one thing, it will never be collision proof. Vulnerable people (think hospital patients, for instance) and children will always be at risk, surely. The more observant parent (full credit to him and her who is so) will have noticed something of this when supervising young children on the playground.

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In providing the playing apparatus and swings on which little kids love to play, there is a gradual swing away from tar and asphalt (under) surfaces. In its place is sand or collected wood shavings, helping to contribute towards something of a soft landing in the event of an accidental fall. And then there is always the accidental bump and grind where it has been usual for young children to scratch and injure themselves quite badly.

Not so when the playing apparatus has been made from wood. But again, the argument swings ‘that away’. Surely with wood, kids will be exposed to wood’s rough edges as well where painful and dangerous splinters are possible. Perhaps but when making sure that the safety railing is already in places, chances of any kind of accidents happening have surely been diminished.